Chemotherapy in a nutshell: safety, protocols, drug doses and other considerations

Chemotherapy is one of three principal methods for treatment of veterinary cancer patients.
Chemotherapy protocols are not chosen only based on the histopathological or cytological diagnosis of the neoplasia, but also based on other considerations, such as extent of the disease, aim of treatment, clinical status of the patient, financial and time commitment of the owners, treatment related success and anticipated adverse effects. Though chemotherapy related adverse effects are reasonably uncommon, they can significantly affect the patients quality of life and efficacy of treatment. It is therefore extremely important that we recognise them quickly and treat them efficiently or make every attempt to prevent them. Health and safety measures are of primary importance when dealing with cytotoxic drugs and patients receiving them. And though complications with chemotherapy administration occur rarely, it is essential we know what to do when things go wrong.


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Jun 04 2020


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